Krystal Beachum, Founder and CEO of Student-Athletes Unite 

Student-Athletes Unite was created out of a desire of mine to help the future generation of student-athletes through education, images and stories from former NCAA collegiate athletes. While I originally intended to just publish the stories from former NCAA athletes, I quickly realized how necessary it was to provide more resources to the student-athletes and their families. I have experienced first-hand, hard lessons when student-athletes were misinformed on recruiting, marketing themselves, and athletic scholarships. Since establishing in January of 2016, what began as a former student-athletes passion project quickly evolved into something more: Student-Athletes Unite Consulting Company. Today, I am committed as ever before to educate, inspire, and connect student-athletes whether future, current or former.

I am a first-generation college student, having  received full athletic scholarships to play basketball for McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas and Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. I earned my bachelors degree in 2014 at Henderson State, and obtained my Masters in Education from the University of Arkansas. I am a former Graduate Assistant as an Academic Counselor with Women’s Basketball, Women’s Tennis and Volleyball programs. During junior college and at Henderson State, I maintained a 3.3 cumulative grade point average while serving in multiple honor societies and playing women's basketball at the collegiate level. I was blessed to have awarded multiple sports honors during my high school and college career such as leading my team in scoring averages and President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). I monitored forty Division I student-athletes and their progress toward educational/career goals, meet frequently to discuss grades and other performance indicators, assist in prospective-athlete recruiting tours, course enrollment and majors selection during my time at the University of Arkansas.

From left to right: Brechelle Beachum, Kelvin Beachum, Krystal Beachum, Jacob Beachum

We are just some kids from a small town called Mexia, Texas. Our parents stressed the importance of education. They wanted us to get a quality education, but knew they couldn’t pay for all of us to attend college. They enrolled us in many extracurricular activities like football, basketball, volleyball, track and band in order to possibly gain a scholarship. We played AAU basketball, summer volleyball, and went to football camps. We didn't have a consulting service to guide us through the recruiting process or knew how to better marker ourselves, but we had great coaches to help along the way. In the end, it all paid off. My older brother, Kelvin Beachum received a full football scholarship to play at Southern Methodist University. He received his bachelor's in Economics and minor in Sport Management and his Masters in Organizational Dynamics. He is now in his 4th season in the NFL, and playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a left tackle. My younger brother, Jacob Beachum received a partial football scholarship to Southeastern University in Durant, Oklahoma. Although he decided not to finish school, he is now a successful Entrepreneur. My sister, Brechelle received a full basketball scholarship to both Texas Western College and currently playing at Illinois State University, and pursing her bachelors in Criminal Justice.