The Problem:

Student-athlete entrepreneurship on the rise nationwide, but can't use sport to make money. NCAA prohibits athletes to use their names, photos or athletic links to promote their own businesses. In 2017, there have been four student-athletes ruled ineligible for that same rule. When an athlete becomes ineligible, everyone loses. The Student-Athlete loses their scholarship, the team loses their player, and the athletic department does not get a return on their investment. The NCAA and compliance department hasn't been able to find a balance in keeping an athlete eligible and encouraging entrepreneurship amongst student-athletes. 

How can student-athletes stay compliant but still create entrepreneurial ventures within the NCAA governance?


The Solution:

SAU Academy is where student-athlete entrepreneurship matters. SAU Academy will include online eLearning modules to introduce entrepreneurship within the NCAA governance.

The colleges/universities will no longer have to defend themselves when confronted by media about why an athlete was ruled ineligible. There is an ongoing debate about paying student-athletes. By partnering with Student-Athletes Unite and by using SAU Academy, it will offset the NCAA by paying the athlete when they can promote student-athlete entrepreneurship. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

We are looking for partners who are looking to impact student-athletes. Interested?

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Launching Fall 2018